WAIA testing

During February 2019, a test schedule for the Application was launched, taking into account different user profiles and technology management levels.

Analyzed segments focused on the following profiles, in the order that they are detailed:

* Testing with professionals from the IT sector (technicians).
* Testing with native technological users (known as “Millennials”, people who were born in the Internet era).
* Testing with non-technological users (generation known as “Baby Boomers”, people who were not born in the Internet era and witnessed the technological advances of the last 60 years).

The analysis was implemented through two specific tools:
  * The opinion of the users, registered in questionnaire generated ad hoc.
  * The usability of the App, through a second questionnaire used by the team, in which, through observation, information was extracted about how users testers intuitively use the Application.

Each segment of users refuted and/or confirmed in different aspects the usability hypotheses originally generated by the work team, generating a valuable input of changes and improvements incorporated in the final version of WAIA.

The tools used and reports can be requested to waia@untdf.edu.ar